Business Development Committee Q4 Proposal

This proposal is for the on-chain funding period 01 October 2022 to 31 December 2022.

A quick rundown of Q3 and milestones:

Goals and milestones for Q3:

  • Reinitiate ecosystem fund contacts, begin to develop and nurture relationships. Bring in new investors and nurture new relationships for builders on Secret
    • Started - have been working with Shahar on this, and making significant progress. So far, 8 calls have been set up or have happened
  • Start writing out a semi-monthly newsletter for investors highlighting our builders
    • A bit premature for this, taking time to build relationships and get first steps down
  • Start a telegram announcement channel highlighting teams building on Secret
    • Announcement channel has been formed
  • Begin forming a rough structure for teams looking to build on Secret. Mentorship and content available in different verticals (marketing, strategy, engineering etc.)
    • Done (see flowchart, posted below)

  • Scale our outbound outreach efforts to have a better selection of teams looking to build on Secret
    • Script/Strategy fully developed, waiting to be further along in VC cycle before initiating as teams need capital to build. CosmWasm upgrade will help a lot.
  • Scale our outbound outreach efforts to acquire new investors interested in investing in dapps looking to build on Secret
    • In progress.
  • Standardize inbound intake process with an intake form
    • Intake form complete
  • Combine CRM with Secret Labs instance. Institute proper permissions on boards and organize groups properly
    • Not sure Secret Labs wants to do this just yet. Separate instances working fine for now, so may not be necessary.
  • Standardize fields in CRM, begin building out forecasting charts
    • CRM fields have been standardized, forecasting charts not necessary yet

In addition to the above milestones that were met, the following was also done:

  • “Whale” group organized as a potential funding backstop for teams if VC’s/grants aren’t the correct fit. We’ve had several in depth conversations, have an ongoing telegram group, and had a convo with an attorney (see flow chart for details)
  • Had a lengthy and fortuitous conversation with Ben, @darwinzer0 , and will be working with him on utilizing the crowd-funding smart contract as a way for community members to invest directly into projects
  • Worked with Shahar on putting together pitch-deck, one-pager for Secret Launch
  • Spoke with several teams looking to build or building on Secret, including Shinobi, where I helped review their pitch deck and will be trying to help them with their fundraising
  • Held weekly biz dev calls every tuesday at 11am EST for the community to provide feedback

Q4 milestones:

  • Work with Shahar on securing VC funds for Secret Launch
  • Work with Agency on improving lead process, explore internship opportunities with Agency
  • Work with Ben on crowdfunding smart contract platform and coordinate with whale group / community
  • Continue hosting weekly biz dev calls at 11am EST every Tuesday
  • Get dev committee more involved as we begin looking to integrate crowdfunding platform
  • Begin attending more events to take advantage of meeting VC’s / teams
  • Continue helping Secret Labs on grant process on an as needed basis
  • Field all inbound inquiries

The business development committee serves as an independent community led organization that professionally greets and speaks with all inbound inquiries. A professional that helps walk teams through the nuances of the network - it’s a vital service being provided to the network.

I would like to thank Jay @Jay-ShadowRealm-SCRT for being a terrific partner over the last 6 months. With many personal obligations currently, he has chosen to step aside and hand the baton to me. In addition, we both agreed that for now, one person can handle the needed tasks as we iterate and improve the organization to meet network challenges, needs and demands.

Q4 budget:

To compensate for the additional work and time, hours will be slightly increased from the previous quarter, although not significantly.

$70/hour x 30 hours/week = $2,100/week

2100 x 12 weeks = 25,200

25,200 + 10% vol buffer = 27,720


If this flowchart is actually built out and working it’ll be so much alpha, oh man


working on building it out

Just FYI -

ALTER is about to launch a verifiable “whale” chat on Secret Network based on minimum amount of SCRT staked on the network. If you would like, this could be used as the communications channel for your crowdsource funding initiative.

Everyone who has access to the chat group is guaranteed to be staking at least 10k SCRT (param can change as needed)

No one will need to share their scrt address for manual TG access since users can now log in directly using Keplr


but i wanna be in this chat and only have 1k scrt staked

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yes, I did speak with alter about a week ago, so that would be great - if you’d like to message me privately, we can coordinate this

Support this endeavor

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greatly appreciate your support!

Full support for this stripped back & powered-up proposal. Secret Agents are ready to help you deliver on every KPI here :male_detective:


I fully support this!
Looking forward to Q4, Secret Agents are ready to contribute to the growth of Secret with biz dev. We look forward to the internship program for Agents.


Thank you for your support, and I work forward to working more closely together!

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to working with you!

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Sharing my thoughts, as I’ve been collaborating with Dan on the incubator initiative by SCRT Labs.
We began working on this a few weeks ago, starting with crafting the narrative, creating the required materials, and mapping out the VC landscape.

The incubator is a key effort to onboard new teams into the ecosystem. So far we have been measuring success based on the total number of VC opportunities created.
In the past 2 weeks, Dan reached out to relevant VCs and has managed to get meetings with 4 established VCs in our target list.

This is a good start, so I’m looking forward to collaborating further, raising the needed funds for the new incubator, and onboarding the development teams.
Note: This is my personal perspective and not necessarily the view of Scrt labs.


Thank you, Shahar. You are a great person to work with, and I really enjoy thinking things through with you. Looking forward to continued progress!

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Thx a lot for this much needed context. Imo the proposal looks good. I also really hope bizdev can do something about rewarding some of the builders that have been sticking with the ecosystem (perhaps matching some Secret devs with projects that other teams and/or VCs might want to pursue). I think there a few ways the dev committee can help with this endeavour, such as providing CVs of willing devs, finding technical advisers and etc. Please reach out to me if bizdev wants to pursue this direction @dbamberger

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Sure! Why don’t you send me a private message on telegram with your proposal and we can discuss? looking forward and really appreciate your support, Sandman!

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i will do, later today

In support of this.

Dan has shown to take a very structured approach to biz dev, including lead generation by not just him or the biz dev team, but also the foundation, SLABS, and agents. This coordinated effort for Business Development across the network is something we haven’t seen before, and is, IMHO, much needed. I look forward to seeing what Dan can do in the coming months.


I have been critical in the past, mostly last quarter. The bixdev x dev committee proposal not going through was a missed opportunity and i felt going back to supporting 2 leads was not making a step forward.

I was also of the understanding that the previous bizdev structure was basically gated by SCRT labs interactions and due to the lack of possible transparency on deals etc i was of the opinion the community pool had little business in funding this.

I am still of the opinion that I dont think long term the community should be funding a bizdev committee but that a separate structure or internalized structure with SCRT Labs/foundation should be setup. In the case of bizdev i think centralisation is better than decentralisation.

However, It is clear to me that Dan has taken the opportunity to reform Bizdev on Secret Network with both hands. Although we may not see eye to eye on everything he puts his money where his mouth is and has delivered on the new Whale group and accelerator pool. I am excited about Dan directly integrating with SCRT labs and Agency to make sure he has all resources to nurture warm leads and focus on the organizational aspect of this complex structure.

There are always things to improve upon but we have given Dan an impossible task and only with support from multiple sides can we bring this to a better state.

To me your hourly rate seems high for an almost full time position but i wont comment further on that seeing as i am not familiar with the payrate of high level bizdev leads in the web2/web3 world and respect the opinions of others like Stefan on this.

I am in support of this proposal and i hope we are at an even better state in the next quarter.


Your support is very much appreciated, and I always enjoy speaking with you. To continued progress –