Business Development Charter

Business Development Committee Charter

The Business Development Committee exists as a core growth machine for the Secret Network. Our responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Manage, qualify, and properly funnel all inbound inquiries into Secret Network. This includes internal referrals, telegram/discord inquiries, email inquiries and more.

  • This includes grant review and grant submission

    • Manage all data in CRM for organization, ease of use and accessibility
  • Systematic cold outreach - via email, discord and telegram - for the purpose of building out the best dapp ecosystem in all of crypto

    • Dapp list building, aggregation, and outbound messaging of all crypto projects - in and out of the cosmos ecosystem - that align with the core values of Secret Network
    • Business list building of all web2 companies that have a relevant use case and align with the core values of Secret Network
  • Light-touch dapp support for projects building on Secret Network

    • Ongoing dialogue and light support for each and every dapp building on Secret Network
    • Weekly check-ins, build community with the dapps and set up information sharing channels
    • Help advise and execute on business development - for example, we will use some of our outreach strategies and contact to help build dapp partnerships for marketing and community growth
  • Once a week “office hours” where the community - both inside and outside - can jump in, grill us, and can hear about initiatives and ongoing developments

  • Coordinate with awareness/foundation/secret labs on joint business development efforts and leverage our partners to improve our systems

  • Proper placement of talent into appropriate teams / projects as a result of the inbound/outbound efforts

  • Institutional investor outreach {partnering with foundation} - build, manage and acquire institutional investors to invest in Secret and its dapps. Deal flow

  • Build out cross promotions with other L1’s and L2’s to increase our exposure (coordinate with Secret Foundation)

  • Work with developer committee on partner integrations - oversee the process and make sure it’s seamless

  • Cost effectively scale the business development committee and maintain high roi

  • Sourcing talent/staff to place with dapps building on the network via our connections built due to the above

Measuring our Performance:

We believe it’s important there is full visibility into our work so the community has metrics, tools, and up to date accounting of our discretionary funds in order to evaluate our performance. In addition, we believe our work can be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively. For example, we have a positive call with a team that doesn’t necessarily move forward today - but they have turned into SN privacy advocates that yield future results. We are accountable to the network, we aim to consistently measure and identify pain points within the leads funnel, all in an effort to solve for and streamline results.

Key metrics:

  • Leads

  • Grant Reviews

Here are some soft data points we think are worth assessing to evaluate the quality of our work to augment our key metrics (please note: this is a living document that will be improved over time):

  • How do dApps building on Secret Network feel about the support we provided them?
  • How many meetings are we fielding?
  • What systems or assets have we built or in the process of building that will help drive future growth?
  • How many inbound project inquiries did we handle?
  • Were we available to the community throughout the quarter to respond to questions and/or concerns?
  • IRL event ROI.

Stronger together - building trust:

We want to have a strong relationship with the community and we want to build a strong foundation of trust with our committee. Transparency and communication are key. It’s important that we’re frequently communicating with one another so all stakeholders, community members and investors know what we’re up to and how well {or not well} we’re doing. We want your consistent feedback and input. To assist with this line of communication, we will:

  • Provide a mid-quarter update on the forum each quarter
  • You can schedule a call with us to talk via our calendly link, https:// calendly . com/secretbizdev
  • Hold once a week office hours in discord (day/time tbd)
  • Reachable anytime via Email/Telegram/Discord
    • Dan Bamberger
      • Email:
      • Telegram handle:
        • https: //t. me/wolfgang1213
      • Discord handle:
        • @wolfgang#4628
    • Jay F.
      • Email:
      • Telegram handle:
        • https: //t . me/LongFellow21
      • Discord handle:
        • @ScrtBizDev#0086