Burn ENG for SCRT! At https://secretswap.io

Hello everyone! It’s been a long journey we’ve had since the Secret Network launched in Feb 2020. Since then the community has been working tirelessly to achieve a decentralized token swap from ENG to SCRT. As of 12:30pm PST June 27th 2020 the swap is now live.

You can swap at https://secretswap.io


How do I swap ENG to SCRT using ledger


How do I connect my ledger to metamask?


How do I add ENG to metamask?


Enable ledger to work with metamask?


How to stake, withdraw rewards, vote, and more on Puzzle :jigsaw:

You can vote by clicking a proposal on this page, then clicking “Vote”.

You can stake your SCRT by selecting a validator from this page, then clicking “Withdraw Rewards”.

You can withdraw rewards from a Validator by selecting the validator you stake with from this page, then clicking “Withdraw Rewards”. https://puzzle.report/secret/chains/secret-1

We’re still working through a few bugs but things are coming together. We’ll also be writing a post explaining more about Puzzle at some point in July.

You can also use Big Dipper from Cashmaney to stake, delegate, and withdraw rewards using your ledger.


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(This is a living document and will be updated)


As today, still low activity in burning:
719k ENG burned ( less then 1% of circulating supply)
Just to discuss…why in your opinion this low partecipation in it?
I think that having SCRT now have no real use cases:

  • illiquid asset
  • low staking reward (still community tax on inflation rewards)
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The swap’s only been active for, what, three days? And it’s a fairly technically challenging process; you have to set up a SCRT wallet (itself a fairly involved process involving downloading binaries and faffing about with command line interfaces), set up a MetaMask wallet, hook up your MetaMask wallet to a Ledger, make sure you’ve got some ETH for gas, and then perform the swap.

If I was a person who’d just bought a bit of ETH and traded it for ENG, and had that sitting on a Ledger, I’d be a bit baffled and uncertain; “Am I going to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of ENG by accident?”

I suspect the number will rise as 1) people familiarise themselves with the swap procedure and 2) that procedure becomes simpler as more wallets etc come on board.

What’s really needed is a very clear, idiot-proof, step-by-step guide in plain language.


I’ve been in crypto for years and can’t figure out how the F%$@ to get the ledger thing working for SCRT. The guide sorta works, but sorta doesn’t. I seem to have secretcli working, but none of the commands in the guide seem to match up, or I can’t get the status, or something isn’t running right


Please be patient for mathwallet support to update and be added. The ledger guide works though i admit it’s not super user friendly, it has been used to swap 100k + ENG.

Definitely feel more comfortable using the ledger though if able. I’m stuck on the configure step…none of those commands seem to work. I just get:

ERROR: unknown command “status” for “secretd”

Is this part no longer applicable with the upgrade and the 100k was only from existing nodes (aka secretnodes.org)?

  1. Configure:

Note: On OSX add the following before “secretcli”


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The result should appear as such.

./secretcli status

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   # Set the mainnet chain-id
   secretcli config chain-id secret-1

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   secretcli config output json

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   secretcli config indent true

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   # Set the full node address
   secretcli config node tcp://client.secretnodes.org:26657

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   # Verify everything you receive from the full node
   secretcli config trust-node false

All of those commands work fine for me, but I acknowledge that there should be a more detailed walkthrough.

In the meantime, mathwallet support is now live for anyone who can’t get their ledger working with their computer.

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Does that enable delegation though?

I was just looking around and trying out their cloud wallet, mobile wallet, etc. I don’t think it’s quite ready because although you can create the address using their browser extension, SCRT isn’t listed in the the other wallets yet.

@moonstash, I think, knows if MathWallet will have delegation in their latest update coming soon. I’m not sure, but I think they will.

I dont think they claimed it would be available in anything other the extension for now. It is ready for use in the extension. :slight_smile:

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Is there a trick to seeing your balance in the extension, do you know? I’m only seeing address, but not the amount of SCRT.

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When will a detailed tutorial for the swap be available?

Everything worked just fine for me. If you are in a Mac (using terminal) please don’t forget to add ./ before each command, as per the instructions. Otherwise they don’t work.


It would be helpful for many if the page at https://secretnodes.org/#/swap made it very clear that the swap has already started. The page links to this forum and https://secretswap.io, but it fails to make it clear the swap is underway.

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Is there at least a 50% probability that an exchange will support the swap? If yes I will wait to swap at an exchange. If no I will try to follow the technical steps. Please advise.

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All questions about swap in exchange are not answered. I’ve never seen something like that in the crypto world. All swaps in binance are made it. I will be very surprise and disappointed if eng can’t do it

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I used the ./. Not sure why it won’t work for me. I give up.

Continuously getting failed transaction errors with Metamask no matter what gas price I set. Anyone else?

Hi, did the transaction actually fail or is it a metamask error before trying? Heard this happened to a friend and she reloaded to detect the gas deposit.

I don’t see any gas errors on the contract today but in any event, don’t change the gas price unless you want to spend more, check eth gas station for current prices.

The gas limit should be at least 50k for approving, and conservatively 110000 for burning, usually less than half is used but we’ve seen a transaction just over 100 000.

Hey @SCRTSauce, what error do you get?