BizDev Committee - Monthly Updates

Welcome to the first BizDev Committee update for the month of October. We believe it was a positive month that has created a platform to leverage in the coming months.

As you will have seen above, we have prepared a short infographic to summarise some achievements that can be made public at this time.

It has been suggested by developers in the community that learning material is quite fragmented and this can make it difficult for new developers. For this reason, we have worked to provide better structure to support this process. We currently have two paid developers trialling the process.

We have also built a database of developers within the community to understand how we can deploy developers effectively.

We have placed significant focus on outreach to decentralised applications on other blockchains. This is with the aim of attracting teams to deploy on Secret Network to increase the number of dApps on the Network. It also allows the Network to leverage an existing community to rapidly increase the size of the community.

As a primary focus, we have been speaking to decentralised applications within the Terra chain due to the large similarities between the two chains. While we’ve not restricted it to Terra only, it is the chain where we have enjoyed the most success. We have so far obtained six meetings which have been referred to Enigma and the Foundation (in a single instance). We hope and are optimistic that we can continue building on this and growing this number.

We are glad to announce the release of the first research report from the Committee. We explore the intricacies of insurance and different methods that insurance dApps are approaching the fast-evolving sector. The report aims to give an insight for developers and the curious community alike to see how this could be approached and we hope to inspire developers to take on a new type of dApp not yet seen on the Network.

The report can be found in the BizDev Channel within the Discord due to the Forum not supporting .pptx or .pdf attachments.

We have grown our team with a member focussing on creating processes for developer onboarding and university outreach among other items.

The Committee currently holds 6,615 SCRT and is currently evaluating best practices going forward. We are discussing the value in selling a percentage of the SCRT held for stablecoins to mitigate downside volatility. This will also allow us to support payments in stablecoins if it is preferred by contributors. A transparent line-item report will be provided after the quarter ends.

Thank you for your continued faith in us and we hope to keep supporting the community.