Biz Dev Committee Q3 Halfway Update

A quick quarterly halfway update:

  1. We’ve assembled a small group of “angel” investors within the community as an alternative source for dapp funding. We’ve had a group conversation with an attorney and figured out most of the starting details .

  2. Been working directly with Shahar (from Secret Labs) on the pitch deck for “Secret Launch”. We’ve went through multiple iterations and in the process of finalizing to begin the fundraising process.

  3. I’ve put together a work flow for the community to better understand how the biz dev committee works in conjunction with Secret Labs/Secret Foundation etc.

  1. We’ve now had 5 weekly open biz dev calls, and we hope more of you can join! It’s each and every Tuesday at 11am EST.

  2. Overall, we’re making good progress on opening up other streams of funding outside of the grant program. More to come!

Thank you!