Awareness Meeting 5/3/21

Agenda: 5.3.21 - Google Docs

Recording: 543635125.wav - Google Drive

5/3/2021 Awareness Committee Meeting

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May 3, 2021:

SCRT Agent Missions Points Earned: 695 down from 740

Twitter Activity Summary:

HOT Tweets:

This week: (tag only)

Past week: (157.9k followers) (21k followers)



Weekly Point Leader: $50 SCRT

Recruit: Exclusive Access to Secret-Agency Discord Chat, Rewarded Daily-Missions

Informant: $5 in SCRT, Added to Secret Agent Telegram Channel

Handler: $20 in SCRT

SpyMaster: Discount code $30 in Secret Swag at

Bagman: $100 in SCRT

Secret Agent: $150 SCRT, Listing on Agents website, Agent NFT

Past Agents: Average Price for the month of April

Spot price as of Monday Morning when ranks are calculated and updated

Past Week Actions Update

  • Scaling ETH Hackathon
  • DeFiPrime Interview
    • May 4th
    • SCRT x BSC Bridge
  • Secret Agent Newsletter (Carter + Brendan)
  • Incoming Huobi ecosystem participation
    • Website translation
    • One-pager + Infographic translations
      • We are now working with a team who is helping with some Chinese materials. We should be sending them materials/One-pager.
  • SNAC process form, etc.

Ongoing/Upcoming Actions:

  • Monday VC Announcement
    • Reddit Channels
    • Telegram Runbook
    • Facebook Runbook
    • 4Chan
    • Posts from each entity
      • Tor will be POC
  • Monday/Tuesday CREAM collateral announcement/incentives
  • Tuesday: DefiPrime Interview
  • Tuesday: SecretSwap UI Upgrade
  • Wednesday: Website V2 Launch
  • Thursday: SecretHeroes Launch (
    • Main website re-design is live
    • Can buy and battle heroes
    • Promo material help would be appreciated
    • Identifying NFT/gaming related channels
  • Office Hours:
  • NFT Bible Design Contest
  • SNACs:
    • Twitter Bot
    • Secret Network Instagram presence
    • India Video Campaign
    • Global Ambassadors