Awareness Meeting 4/26/21

4.26.2021 Awareness Committee Agenda

  • Socials:

April 26, 2021:

SCRT Agent Missions Points Earned: 740 down from 1,220

Twitter Activity Summary:

HOT Tweets: (157.9k followers) (21k followers)


Top 10 reddit posters last week:


Past Week Actions Update

Ongoing/Upcoming Actions:

  • NFT Bible Design Contest

    • Will be announcing a contest on twitter/daily-missions in discord
  • DeFiPrime Interview

    • Going Live May 4th
  • SCRT x BSC Bridge

    • 2 aspects:
      • Bsc withdraws
        • Announcement today
      • Actual bridge/wrapping on Secret Network
  • Secret Agent Newsletter (Carter + Brendan) will be released this week

  • Secret Agent Onboarding Improvements

    • Speed up how much time it takes for an agent to become comfortable with the network and answering questions
    • Changed discord welcome & intro text
    • ToDo:
      • Create Standard Forum Topic
      • Reach out to committee leads about what resources they want new agents to read/participate more actively in
  • Office Hours will start this week: A way for users and new devs to answer their ongoing questions and difficulties and

  • Incoming Huobi ecosystem participation

    • Website translation
    • One-pager + Infographic translations
      • We are now working with a team who is helping with some Chinese materials. We should be sending them materials/One-pager.
  • SNAC process form, etc.

    • Process in general:
      • Darren/DumdiDum working on best practices for SNAC process
    • Secretswap twitter bot SNAC proposal
  • SecretHeroes Launch

    • Could be THIS WEEK.
      • Launch with rough draft, or wait until week to polish up
    • Website:
  • Secret Network Instagram presence

    • SNAC?