Awareness Committee Proposal 10/1/21 - 12/31/21


The Awareness Committee will be asking for on-chain funding for the period of 10/1/21 - 12/31/21.

The funding proposal details are located here.

Most details remain similar other than 2 things I would like to point out:

  1. @cryptocurnc is being added as a co-lead. @cryptocurnc has been extremely helpful in running the secret runbook as a means to disseminate our internal content to relevant channels. In addition he has been helping, and will continue to help with the Secret Agent scoring, ranking, and incentivization.

  2. There is a big focus on re-vamping the Secret Agent program. I am in the midst of working with other community participants to clarify onboarding and program design/incentives as well as convert the processes to utilize Mailchimp as a single point CRM. The goals are to increase REAL contribution/participation beyond what is currently sometimes viewed as simply a way to earn some SCRT for “shilling” on twitter (not what the program was intended to be). This program should be an effective growth, onboarding and “training” tool to benefit the entire network.

I understand that sometimes this committee is viewed as a “Marketing” committee. While it has been helpful in securing SOME podcasts, articles, etc. the main goal has always been incubating and leveraging community growth as a means for Awareness. I would like to make that distinction very clear; especially as we now have a Director of Marketing and a firm to help with PR. We will work closely with these parties as well.

If you have any actionable suggestions, or ideas for making this committee more effective I would love to hear them. I will do my best to also not take criticisms personally (which I have tended to do). I love this Network and community and only want to work to make it better/grow.


Is there any place to see a breakdown of the discretionary spending from the first proposal?


You guys are giving yourselves a raise? Seems to be a lot of overlap with other stuff. Would like to see a break down. Also kpi metrics that justify this increase in pay.

Also Eric is asking for funding for what appears to be an awareness type of thing. Maybe there should be some coordination with Eric and his podcast.

Eric’s podcast is absolutely an Awareness initiative and was funded via SNAC. He’s doing a great job and absolutely looking forward to collaborating with him and everyone else! The raise is in line with other committee requests. The KPIs and hours spent will and have largely been on the secret agent program revamp. We just launched the landing page and are looking forward to really hitting the throttle when it comes to ramping that up and making it more engaging as an onboarding to the entire network. I’ve flown into NYC for the Messari conference to help this push. I also look forward to meeting the marketing team behind the scenes that I helped to onboard in Miami. Bringing Patrick on will be a tremendous help as well.

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Absolutely. The breakdown provided was fairly accurate and is based on historical spending. I have records of all transfers and the wallet is public.

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They’re asking for less money for more dedicated time than other committees. I personally am a huge fan of what they’ve accomplished and don’t see this as an over-ask. Also the new revamped Secret Agent page could be a significant catalyst for community growth.

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Excellent proposal, and congrats on onboarding Patrick as another Committee Lead! Looking forward to the new Agents HQ page.

The Secret Code Podcast Node will be voting Yes on this proposal as is.

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@MrGarbonzo This was the tracker for July, August, September thus far. There’s some smaller minor expenses I think I missed like a contest or two in here (and I think mailchimp upgrade payment), but you get the general idea. The discretionary budget has mostly been used for twitter daily missions, rank incentives, payment to @orageux101 & @cryptocurnc for helping on projects, tools that we use for the network, and live events.

In the next proposal period we will have 1-2 conferences: Possibly on in NYC and definitely one in Miami that may have some expenses. I expect the agent stuff to generally be the same. Although I think Jay may handle the swag stuff from the Foundation for Miami but it’s not all been entirely determined and we’ll probably be working together at least in some capacity on the planning for this. We’re also talking about running a side event to celebrate the NFT marketplace launch and this could have expenses like NFT giveaways, etc. All TBD, but these are the types of things the budget is being used for. I would also potentially be interested in funding some Guerillas to do the sticker type stuff down there @Elie & @rangerranger.


We will abstain this time, and only because unused funds roll over, but we will be voting no from here on for every proposal otherwise worthy but requesting funds in SCRT amounts.

Most proposals should ask for USD amounts, as they have 100% USD expenses. At the time of disbursement, they receive enough SCRT to cover the amount requested in USD. Whether these teams want to hold, sell to USD or a stablecoin it is up to them. The price for the calculation can be the coingecko avg closing price for the day previous to the disbursement date. Simple, pen and paper, no need for stablecoins or oracles. Sure feel free to improve the process as you see fit, but any improvements will bring minimal advantages over this plain and simple method.

Pls discuss this idea here: Most Governance Proposals Should Request USD denominated Funds

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