Awareness Committee Charter Updates

Secret Community:

The Awareness Charter is under revision to incorporate the Secret Agent Program (established after initial launch) and to ready for on-chain governance. It can be found here:

Awareness Committee Charter

Please review and provide any feedback.


This looks great. Well done awareness committee! @Brendan



The passing of the Awareness Committee budget is much appreciated. I will continue to engage to the best of my abilities in facilitating grassroots Awareness Initiatives like the Secret Agents Program and the Secret Runbook. I look forward to the continued support of the community and specifically @cryptocurnc, @pmuecke and @orageux101 who have always been depended on when there is help needed for various tasks. It’s my hope that community members like this are recognized, find their way into sustainable roles, and are rewarded for their efforts. There is some discretionary budget available for some of these efforts amongst other things. The discretionary budget has been transferred to an Awareness Committee wallet in the following transaction:

There will likely be a large expenditure soon to get completely caught up with Secret Agent Rank rewards. This will be visible by transfer to the Secret Tipbot, and subsequent payouts on twitter. Usage for payments for tweetbinder, coinmarketcalender admin account, BeePro, Zapier automations, etc. won’t be specifically called out, but I will transfer those funds when those various bills are paid (I usually pay via PayPal through my personal bank).

This budget does not allow for many large advertising expenditures. These types of efforts have always been better left to the Secret Foundation, and hopefully with the hiring of a Marketing Director we will see increased activity on this front. If the market turns around we all need to be prepared to push like hell.

If there are any questions do not hesitate to ask. This is an entirely transparent process. I am here to serve the community, and seek to be a facilitator rather than a bureaucrat.

  • Brendan

Momma, I’m famous!

Brendan, I appreciate the hardwork you’ve done and how accommodating you’ve been since I joined the Discord channel earlier this year.

Let’s hope the same and better for the future!


I first heard about Secret Network back in February, via a Reddit post on /r/cryptocurrency about SecretSwap launching on mainnet. That post was no doubt coordinated by the Awareness Committee. I then joined the Discord, found out about the Secret Agent Program, and started completing missions to earn a little SCRT. Soon after that I started joining committee calls to see what they were about, and began attending them regularly. 3 months later I had reached the top rank of Secret Agent. Another month has passed since then, and I’m still here, contributing in any way I’m able. I’d like to think I’m living proof that the Secret Agent Program works, and I’m sure many other active community members are here today because of it. It pulls you into the community and gives you a way to contribute immediately, and acts as stepping stones to bigger roles as you learn more about Secret Network. I look forward to helping with improving and growing the program, hopefully into something even bigger than it is today!