[APPROVED] SNAC - Raise awareness for the Chinese community (updated)

SNAC - Raise awareness for the Chinese community

SNAC team and leader

Kelvin K

Executive Summary

Create educational content and raise awareness for the Chinese community using different social media platforms and marketing tools targeting the people in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Manage the social media accounts and post contents on a regular basis.

A Chinese version of the Secret Network Website will gain trust and generate more exposure of Secret Network. I am happy to translate the Secret Network website and blogs into Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Reason for this campaign

Chinese community is one of the top actively trading communities in cryptocurrencies. With more than 1.4 billion population in the mentioned region, it is obvious and worth putting resources in and to gain exposure.


The number of followers on the social media accounts, likes, and interaction.


Funding every 3 months

Implementation Notes/Details/Technicals

Social Media

Create and set up Social media accounts on WeChat, Weibo(Simplified Chinese, people from China), Facebook and Instagram(Traditional Chinese, people from Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Create 2-5 posts for educational contents, news and updates on Secret Network per week on each platform, including layouts and designs.

Interact with the community on a daily basis, answering questions and help them using the Secret Network including the Secret Finance and bridges.

Accurately divert traffic of people who are interested in crypto from other sources.

May consider using influencer marketing in the mentioned region to gain exposure fast.

Secret Homepage

Translate a Chinese version for Secret Network Homepage to gain trust. I think the Secret Network Homepage is build with Vue. If I can get in touch with the development team and make a clone, I will be able to translate two versions for Traditional and Simplified Chinese respectively.

Researching Chinese keywords for Search Engine Optimization.

Daily schedule

Works Time
Translation (scrt.network/tutorials/blogs/news) 1-2hrs
WeChat post content creation and design 2hrs
Participate in Wechat groups (SCRT group, and other groups to help SCRT gain exposure and increase viewing rate of articles, increase followers) 1hr
Facebook Post, text and image 1hr
Facebook Group (support, answering general enquiries) 1hr
Paid ads management (Wechat ads, influencer) 1hr

~40hrs per week, 160hrs per month

Resources Required

2,000 SCRT per month

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Can I ask what changed between now and last time? I don’t understand why this doesn’t fall under the International Growth committee’s purview?

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Thanks for your comment. Just some minor changes to provide some additional information like the daily time schedule.

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I have the same question as Orageux, how does this link to existing committees? I know you have had conversations with Jemery, but I see no reference. How do you integrate with the existing Chinese partners?

I believe a lot of efforts and conversations went into alignment, but the current proposal would appear you will be operating in a silo. Which, imho, is undesirable from the viewpoint of efficient deployment of human capital.


Hi Dumdidum-001, yes I had conversations with the foundation, Jeremy and the existing Chinese partners. I believe we will be able to work together, integrate and utilize any existing efforts for a further and stronger Chinese push.

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This SNAC has been approved after internal review. Looking forward to seeing all of the amazing growth to come :slight_smile: