[APPROVED] SNAC Proposal - Secret Code Podcast

Secret Life Podcast
Eric Waisanen & Paul Menexas

Two of our biggest needs in our growing ecosystem are awareness and education. Our
current attempts at tackling this are mainly from an inter-ecosystem approach. In regards to
podcasts, we typically see Tor as a guest, and his goal is to bring basic awareness and education
to those unfamiliar with Secret Network. Tor also hosts his own podcast, Sharing Secrets, where
he has well-known guests discuss their background and the importance of privacy. Both of these
mediums of content are great but they serve specific purposes. Although we have blog posts to
rely on for insight about ongoing developments, we feel that these are not released in high
frequency to keep the community consistently engaged. The posts are also not interactive and
don’t necessarily allow for dialog between the community and contributors. We feel that ongoing
developments deserve consistent attention and complete focus. There seems to be an unfilled
niche for highlighting and broadcasting our exciting developments to those who are already
familiarized with Secret Network.

Our goal is to share secrets with an intra-ecosystem approach, interviewing guests
actively involved in the Secret Network ecosystem so that they may share their ideas and work
directly through our podcast. The community will be provided the opportunity to gain deeper
insights into core contributors and their ongoing developments. We believe listeners will feelmore connected to the ecosystem through this entertaining medium as we plan to emphasize
cohesion and positive energy. The podcast will be a champion of consistent dialog between
contributors and the community so that both could have their voice heard. We expect
contributors to use the podcast as a platform for awareness on new dapps, features, and ideas. We
also expect them to answer any questions from the community we may field through giveaways
and other incentivized activities. It is worth noting that although we will be our own
sub-team, we plan to be heavily connected with the committees. Our content will especially
thrive by utilizing the talent we have in our very ecosystem so in no way do we plan to be
siloed. Our idea is to complement the Secret Network media the community typically sees from
formal committees and organizations. Paul and I plan to Decentralize This!

About Us:
Who are we and why can we do this? Both Paul and I have been active community
members since the inception of Secret Network and are quite familiar with many facets of the
ecosystem. Since it’s initial launch, both of them have been consuming any and all media related
to Secret Network. Along the way, they have made good connections within the Secret Network
ecosystem through media channels such as Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. Paul is pursuing a
master’s degree in computer science and will be able to oversee node operation and provide
contributions to more technical-focused discussions. I have been a host of 3 podcasts, one which
boasts over 4500 unique downloads, and has experience with audio-editing and all aspects of
podcast production. Both Eric and Paul are English-proficient and college educated, so podcasts,
written content, and other intellectual properties of Secret Life Podcast will be of a quality and
caliber that does not reflect negatively on Secret Network nor its community.

Request for Funding:
The Secret Life Podcast is asking for 4,000 SCRT to begin operating a self-sustaining,
positive, and unifying media hub for Secret Network, complete with a weekly podcast and
regularly written content. The goal is to be self-sustaining in a few months by operating a node
that should proportionately gain delegation based on our ability to influence and bring growth to
the Secret Network community. We are proposing to receive half the payment upfront, and the
second half after the 4th episode, not including our introduction episode. Episodes are planned to
be released every Sunday and written content will likely be written bi-weekly. If our efforts
receive heavy support in the future, we would be glad to scale our efforts and grow our team.
Our current overhead will be approximately $60/month: $20/month for Libsyn podcast
hosting, $25/month for website hosting, and $15/month for a premium Zencastr membership that
will allow for high quality individual tracks to be recorded for remote interviews which will be
easier to edit in post production. Both Paul and Eric plan on devoting 10+ hours per week to this,
which even at a well under-market rate of $15/hr would have funds expire within less than three
● We are asking this much because we are confident that we can and will immediately
provide the community with a high-quality product and are worth the investment of
funds. It’s important to note that most of the funds will go towards compensating our
time, likely for the next 2-3 months.
● We are keen on making this project self-sustaining through node operation so that the
foundation can keep as much SCRT in the pool for necessary ideas in the future that
might not be self-sustaining.Feedback and Contact Info:

We are open to input and oversight as to what measurable thresholds the foundation,
awareness committee, and education committee would like to see come to fruition for fair
disbursement of funds. Please reach out to us with any concerns and/or input in regards to this
SNAC proposal. For anyone contributing, please feel free to let us know if you are interested in
coming on the show to highlight your work, your experience building in the SN ecosystem, and
your visions for the future of Secret Network.

Email: SecretLifePodcast@protonmail.com
Twitter: @slifepodcast (@ericwaisanen @secretknight)
Telegrams: @Eric_Superman, @PaulieDDDDDDDD


Really exciting! Would you require any support from the Design / Education committees?


We may need some help from design, at least to start, with a logo and simple graphics for articles. From education, we can have them offer input on what to include in our articles, and maybe the leads can read our final drafts to make sure it’s inline with the community and covers the topic effectively. We are very open to collaborating.


I love this idea, especially the part about a platform for contributors and developers (outside the core team), feels like something we currently miss.

That said, I would like to challenge the SNAC team to provide one piece of information we ask every SNAC team to provide; KPI’s (some ideas: viewership, unique visitors, total watch/listen time)

I’m also curious to hear how you plan to move forward if the project isn’t self-sustaining by the time the funds run out. Do you, in that situation, expect to seek continued funding?

Just for reference, I will link the SNAC page :slight_smile:


Thank you for the constructive guidance!
Since our SNAC is currently written with the idea of funding in mind to be completed after the 4th guested episode (the one we’ll release this Sunday won’t count towards that) these enumerated KPI’s will have a deadline of August 14th in mind, the day before releasing the 5th guested episode.
With the aim always to under-promise and over-deliver, some baseline tangible goals that we’ll have no problem reaching include:

  1. Releasing a podcast episode 30+ minutes in length every Sunday
  2. Producing 2+ articles of written content
  3. Having over 100 “unique downloads” as verifiable by our Libsyn Advanced Stats which we will provide

If our project isn’t self-sufficient by October 8 (3 months from today, but an estimation) our current plan would be to write a proposal for the community pool, as by then we will have provided ample evidence of our work for the community themselves to decide whether or not they think our project is worth funding. This would only be after expiring every other route towards self-sufficiency available to us.

If you, or anybody else has any questions we’re happy to answer! We’re learning by doing, but more questions creates more knowledge, and the better we learn this process the better we can teach it in a manner so that it can be recreated!


If you need any help with techical setup when the time comes I can probably help. I’ve been doing a lot to remote workflow setups for my clients in production over the last year (COVID). Particularly if you need some tips with video fidelity, visual interest etc.

But always keep it simple, content is king first.

As I’m writing, also realizing this is a podcast. Sometimes I just assume everything is both a video-podcast + traditional audio. So maybe that’s not really in the cards for ya right now.

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Thank you very much! We’re focused on delivering content and not biting off more than we can chew. We already are planning making some video tutorials down the road, but should we gain the success and following we’re hoping for, one of the next steps in growth would be to create a YouTube channel that includes video as well. I have the technical knowhow to make all of it functional, but certainly not to make it pretty and will gladly reach out!

Sweet yea it seems like you got it pretty sorted. But even if you would like a unbiased opinion from another media person, please do not hesitate to reach out!

I’d be happy to follow either way!

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Thx for this.

I do not have a question, only a suggestion.

You’re saying the KPI’s are for the 14th of August in relation to funding. I would suggest to come up with a set of metrics long-term (by October 8th, and by end-of-year).

  1. It will help you navigate the outcome of your work. Define for yourself when you believe the project is a success, and celebrate when you hit those milestones (motivation management)

  2. If you find yourself in the situation that, against all odds, you require a second round of funding you got the performance metrics beyond the 14th to, as you put it yourself, have ample evidence that what you are doing is of added value to the community.

  3. These metrics may also prove valuable for the specific activity (podcast). As you will be able to put out some numbers to attract guests, and all sorts of marketing with fact-based figures.

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Excellent suggestion.

Our current reachable internal goals are 200 unique downloads by August 14th, 1000 by October 8th, and 3000 by EOY.

We certainly plan on keeping track of our own metrics for these reasons, and will remain transparent with them to interested parties, even beyond the funding of this SNAC.

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I think you should change the name for better search-ability in google

Thanks for the headsup. Do more people agree that changing the name would be benificial? And if so, what are some ideas?

I think the bigger issue is Google

When people Google “secret life podcast” they will hit this one and it is pretty well established, will be tough to ever overtake that one. Much easier to come up with a unique name

What about “secret network podcast”


I think we may need to change name. Someone tweeted at the podcast channel that is running with the exact same name.

There’s no human touch to this though. It just seems like something lumped on by a corporate to add to their social presence. It needs to be different, just can’t work out a name yet.

Thank you for the input, we are absolutely open to changing that and rebranding, and will talk to the design committee and we would love suggestions. I don’t think that we NEED to change, but we aren’t opposed to it. Keep in mind Terra Bites came after terrabytes and terra bytes podcasts. Our name includes podcast and there’s doesn’t, but something more unique could be great.

Alright guys, officially rebranding to “Secret Code Podcast”. It won’t conflict with anybody, and we’ve reserved the domain for secretcodepodcast.com.


This SNAC was approved on the 12th of July. SNAC was approved as proposed. No additional terms apply.

We are super excited to see this project develop and add a unique feature to the Secret Network!


Thank you guys so much! I can finally tell my wife that my hobby and time is for a side-gig :wink:

Also thank you everyone for your support on social media! Thanks to your support in awareness we’re already at 97 downloads, so hopefully we can keep growing and crush the numeric thresholds we had proposed!


I’m not even joking when I say that is immense! 97 downloads on your first episode this early is pretty amazing!

Congratulations, I hope you celebrate each milestone as it comes!