[APPROVED} SNAC - Instagram Growth & Development

  • Clear ownership (who is managing the campaign?)

JuniorJunior (contributor)

  • executive summary (high-level overview of the campaign)

Grow https://www.instagram.com/scrtnetwork/ account (follow now to support)

  • strategic goals (what are we looking to accomplish for the network?)

Instagram is alive and well and many artists in the NFT space, memes, industry news updates, charting, and more leveraging it to reach their respected audiences. I’ll actively manage, post, and engage with followers as well as look for opportunities to collaborate with other chains within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

  • KPIs (how will we measure what is accomplished?)

Within Instagram, there is an insights function that allows you to get in-app analysis. There are a few others that can show more data analysis of account reach, growth, and opportunities.

*This will NOT use follower bots or any high-risk botting/fake followers. Growth will be slow and steady but will be real members of the community interested in privacy, secretNFTs, development, and investing in the Secret Network.

  • proposed timeline (broken into phases for execution)

Month 1
Identify accounts that could be targeted/followers to engage with.
Initial content building baseline. Work with design/creative team on content related to NFT,

If we decided to pump out the first month with 5 post per week (20 total) this would enable us to creatively regurgitate some of the youtube content that Tor has done, screenshots on Twitter from community members/validators (this would inherently create engagement/buy-in within followers). We could also highlight bridge/ecosystem developments. Doing it in a very clean, informative, yet cool way will attract eyes.

I am currently working on an ideation board (see the image attached) of potential content we could develop for SCRT/SEFI that is sharable through several social platforms. One thing that Binance and other accounts have done well is illustrated in lamens terms what exactly is happening in this space.

Month 2
Continue actively engaging the audience and grow the account to incorporate more collaborations, potential live sessions involving Tor (AMA style).

  • implementation notes (anything to help clarify execution)

4 sessions/week

Each session (4 per week) will include a post and like/comment sprint that is capped at 250 likes / 25 comments per session.

We’ll target accounts like Binance, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Coinbase, Coin.Bureau, and any other YouTuber that’s talked about SCRT.

  • resource requirements (what will it take to get this done?)

4 x 1 hour sessions = 4 hours / week
16 hours / month
15 SCRT / hour = 240 SCRT / month

10-30 SCRT / month on management tools for analytics collaboration, scheduling

Access to Instagram account @scrtnetwork

If you’ve made it this far, give the account a follow. https://www.instagram.com/scrtnetwork/

Thanks for the opportunity


Are team planning do something with Facebook site too last post is from October 2021 ?? I can help
Thank You