[APPROVED] SNAC: Automated Awareness Bridge


We propose building an AAB (Automated Awareness Bridge) that will digest on chain information in real time and distribute it in summarized reports where users congregate (Telegram and Twitter). Automated publishing of impact transactions will allow community and investors to more easily digest information on the growth and state of the network. Publishing impact information on social media platforms where people spend their time will allow for organic discovery through use of hashtags. We believe meeting users where they are means not only the platforms they use, but their level of knowledge and time commitment. The AAM will filter out non-impactful transactions, cutting down on noise, and present the most important facts as they occur. Creating this tool will save potential investors time gathering details on the network by putting information they want to see where they already are and increase their call to action (fomo).

We selected Twitter and Telegram as two platforms with large user bases and their ability to forward, retweet, or hashtag this information into new users’ feeds. We believe activation is still an important part of marketing and these reports will be another tool in the communities arsenal. This project will without human intervention publish constant information. Automation will provide the best long term impact per dollar.

KPIs should be reported to Awareness Committee:

  1. Using Google analytics to track via redirective homepage address (scrt.network/1)
  2. Using Twitter analytics to track how many impressions/engagements the account has
  3. The number of followers on both platforms

Below you’ll find three types of tweets we’re looking to implement focusing on time critical information. There are multiple places for organic discovery by using cashtags from outside the Secret Network to target their communities. I’ve experimented on twitter and discovered throwing in large community cashtags does bring increased impressions and awareness. In the 2 days on an account with 4 followers the six example tweets below got 637 impressions.

Example Twitter Account:

Tiers of Transaction:
$10,000 to 50,000 :green_apple:
$50,000 to 100,000 :green_apple::green_apple:
$100,000 to 500,000 :green_apple::green_apple::green_apple:
$500,000 to 1,000,000 :green_apple::green_apple::green_apple::green_apple:
$1,000,000+ :green_apple::green_apple::green_apple::green_apple::green_apple:

  • Transaction Across the Bridge
  • Amounts Taken On/Off Exchanges
  • Large Stake/Unstake Amts

pasted image 0

Timeline: 1 Month
Asking: 1,050 SCRT w/ Agreement on 1 Year Targets
Initial Development (Above 3 Examples): 750 SCRT
1 Year A/B Testing, Managing Bot Marketing, Adding New Supported Tokens: 300 SCRT
Adding New Bridge: 100 SCRT
Monthly Impressions > 50k: 75 SCRT
Monthly Impressions > 100k: Additional 100 SCRT


Thanks for this submission and adaptation!

This SNAC has been approved by the committee leads. The Foundation will be funding this initiative. Updates from the Awareness Bridge can be made in this thread / forum and during committee calls.

May 2021

The bot is in beta testing still, but we’ve well on the impression front. We’ve hit a snag with some twitter API rules, but we’re working on resolving it. We expect the impressions to go up again once this is over.


June 2021

We took the bot out of beta. The API issues were resolved. The impressions are down a bit per day, but this is also in a down market. We think the bot is well positioned to increase exposure during more frantic market periods. We added BNB Bridge language/informtion.



July 2021



Some very impressive stats, love it!

Great job Ranger Ranger. Very positive work!




We had a drop in impressions and tweets due to the freeze when we updated to Secret-3. The bridges and exchanges were locked. We expect the activity to pick back up now.