AMA On Telegram

Hello everyone,

I have proposed to have our leaders organize an AMA on Telegram with developers for the community of SEFI holders to be made aware what have been the successes and issues we have on the governance page( Sorry for double clicking, creating two proposals). This should bring any negative concerns about the project down.
Also, we need individuals to be present in the telegram voice chat.
I know that many invested people want to hear someone answer their questions and have a community where we can chat about crypto related in voice chat. I am willing to be a mod for it, if there are any positions.

Thank you for reading this.

More information is always valued. Steady AMA keep the creatives active with their imagination. We need to ask question on was is or is not possible atm.

This is what I have in mind. We also need an official telegram channel to be governed by our SEFI and committee votes as well.