Altermail, private by design mail using Secret Network [feedback needed]

“Altermail intends to be a privacy-preserving secure communication platform leveraging Secret Contracts on the Secret Network blockchain.”

The team at Altermail has applied to the grant program at Secret Network, seeking for early-support of the project that will bring a highly valuable solution to anyone who wants to keep his conversations and data private and anonymized.

The main goal of this product is to create and implement a secure data integrity sharing model using blockchain technology. Altermail’s secure data integrity sharing models use a digital signature, a proxy encryption scheme, and Secret Network’s encryption schema with smart contracts.

Data owners can use Altermail’s information-sharing system to ensure that this information is not available to everyone. Only delegated users can view the data; as keys will be available only at the User side and will not be sent even to Altermail.

Altermail’s system architecture consists of three layers - application, access, and data. The base layer is the application layer, it ensures the receipt and transmission of information and encryption are private secure by default. Secret Contracts on the Secret Network blockchain serve as the data verification mechanism for Altermail. Secret Contracts metadata are encrypted. Additionally, Secret Contracts serve as neutral and automated intermediaries for data integrity on Altermail. The data layer used is required to store data that is encrypted. This architectural part of the system also uses the encryption module needed for the delegation process. The three-tier architecture used in the secure, seamless data model ensures application speed and security.

The support from Secret Network at an early stage can make the project successful in a short timeframe. This grant request will allow us to continue the implementation and creation of Altermail - specifically Secret Contract development. Additionally, SCRT may become increasingly valuable as it can be used in the communication sector and team collaboration apps empowered by Altermail and all of the potential features on the product roadmap.

Problem / Solution

There is an illusion of security and privacy of communication by current solutions such as Gmail/Protonmail/Whatsapp/Telegram/Discord/Slack/cTemplar. Sadly, many privacy communities unwittingly use unsecured communication apps that do not have truly privacy-preserving communications as promised. Altermail aims to fill this gap by offering truly secure and private email based on blockchain technology, specifically Secret Network.

Why is Altermail needed? Primarily, because we believe privacy is not only a human right but also an important utility. Without privacy, users are in danger of damaging their social life, finances, control of data, and control of identity (via impersonation). Surveillance by “Big Brother” and a range of applications widely adopted compromise our data - allowing malicious entities to use data as means to manipulate politics, economy, culture, global relations, and even “truth” itself.

Altermail will provide decentralized communication that is safe, secure, and private. All of this is made possible by the three-layer architecture outlined earlier. Secret Network is a crucial part of one of the layers, and is what makes Altermail a truly unique solution.

Development Roadmap

0-2 weeks MVP (end of June) – sending/receiving messages, profile set up, login and back-end functionality of encryption set up, server setup, finished front-end/UI
3-4 weeks (by mid - July) to implement Secret Network smart contract creation/alteration;
5-12 weeks (Aug - mid-Sep) / 1st part of scaling the product functionalities and resources:
• Improving the user interface and experience
• Obtain additional exposure of server set up and increase throughput;
• Implement group messaging functionality;
• Add channel/group set up functionality and tie them to the smart contract;
• Add/remove users of the channel (tied smart contract alteration);
• Improve the FAQ section and support/help-desk for the users;
13-24 weeks (mid-Sep - Dec) - 2nd feature set implementation:
• Voice-call functionality;
• Automatic/scheduled/auto-expiring messaging functionalities;
• App for iOS/Android

Let us know what you think of this solution and if you think this is something that will assist the Secret Network community to grow as well to maintain our privacy and security!

P.S. Follow the Altermail channel in Secret Network discord.

Don’t hesitate to sign up as an early-access user to get more details on a weekly basis. Visit our site or just DM any of us.

All the best,



This is huge !!! I´ll follow the project closely , and definitely I´ll be one of the first users.


glad to hear that, @SpacexRocketman

Anyone can assist/help the project by sharing the messages, following our social media accounts. We are one with Secret Network! Here to stay, here to support and make it possible to be secure!

If “true-hackers” won’t be giving the credibility, we will give the option to such users to generate their own key-pairs without even involving our platform. The revolution is here on how we can DELETE the “Big Brother” and dependancy on the big tech companies.


This is awesome. Could you elaborate a bit more on the need for Secret Network, given that the actual key is stored with the user, and the data is user-encrypted and kept on Altermail’s servers?

Is the value primarily ensuring that Altermail doesn’t delete/tamper with the data, while keeping the meta-data itself private on SN?

Any other ideas to utilize SN for privacy?


Hey @guy

Thanks for comment.

The blockchain smart contract is updated to describe sending event meta-data (originator, receiver, timestamp, message hashes) for the first product set up (send/receive messaging).

Afterward, we want to utilize SN for further inside functionalities outlined in the roadmap, and we see that the potential of additionally using the SN.

p.s. Hopefully, Alexey (our lead dev) will hop on to add additional comments.


I’m also very curious on this exact question. We are building something similarly architected to protonmails approach but not for email, and i’ve been pondering ways to thoughtfully lean on secret network in more ways with this. If something interesting is happening here regarding approach that would be great to know. :grin:


So far I am happy to see the community showing positive signs and like the Altermail private communication idea. We all know it is not easy to achieve real privacy, but when we all work together for same cause I am sure we can achieve it. The hardest part is I think TRUST and I hope we can build that together with Secret Network.


We can store public keys inside smart contracts to make sure Altermail won’t tamper.


Finally some privacy around :blush:


We will be adding software wallets inside the application allowing users to use their own wallets. (this is something we will be adding once we scale starting from mid-July).

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Don’t forget to read the grant application here: Altermail: Secure data integrity sharing model based on three-tier system · Issue #14 · SecretFoundation/Grants · GitHub

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Will this include hardware wallet support for Trezor?