Adding a Airdrop Committee

Airdrops have been and will continue to be a great way to bring consistent awareness, excitement and rewards to holders. Secret holders have received airdrops in the past, and I am sure they will continue to receive airdrops moving forward. I am aware that this work has been split between the various existing committees, however this would serve as the one stop shop for everything related airdrops.

My proposal is this: To add another committee dedicated to airdrops.

This committee would be responsible for the following:

Helping projects and creators host airdrops to secret holders.
Spreading awareness of past and future airdrops.
Information on how to participate and claim the airdrops.
Work on business relationships to bring future synergies to the secret network through airdrops.
Promotion of using secret network for NFT creation with incentive to host an airdrop release.

I strongly believe that this would have a positive impact for the community and create incentive for new investors looking into the many reasons why SCRT is the future of cryptocurrency.

Thank you - @Redneckwisdom89


To my knowledge, committees have not been involved in the creation of an airdrop in the past.

Secret doesn’t do airdrops. It is teams building on Secret Network that can choose to airdrop tokens or NFTs.

Having done 1 out of 2 airdrops that the network has seen so far, I see zero value in an airdrop committee.

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I agree. Airdrop visibility is essentially marketing campaigns for teams and projects building on Secret Network.

Is the idea here that the community would fund a committee to do 3rd party marketing and management for new project teams? If so, I believe that should be included in grant funding for the the project, rather than a standalone group.

Open to any opinions/criticism.

No to airdrop committee.:-1:t5:

If no value can be seen in airdrop committee, could we then maybe have a project where the team helps promote airdrops for people staking SCRT. I have edited the post, as you made me realize I may not have done a good job explaining what I am trying to accomplish. Airdrops to ATOM, JUNO, OSMO and other projects seem to be attracting a lot of attention and the thought occurred to figure out a way for more SCRT holders to be eligible for airdrops, and to bring that awareness to the community.

I am just thinking out loud here.

That is the job of the project - airdrops are used as a form of marketing as well as a distribution mechanism. They do that, I don’t think it’s something that should be funded.

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Like @orageux101 mentioned, promoting an airdrop to SCRT stakers of their token/NFT or whatever is meant as a marketing activity for their game/protocol/application . This marketing therefore falls under their wing. So far this work has NOT been split amongst committees as they have no influence on whether or not an airdrop is happening.

If you want to stay up to date with the airdrops in the cosmos ecosystem you can use this google sheet: Droplist - Google Sheets and the many twitter accounts which cover this.

If chains want to airdrop to SCRT stakers and need information they can contact the BizDev committee. They also enable new projects to come build on SN.

If chains need more marketing they are free to contact the awareness committee and agent program to create mission/awareness quest lines and provide rewards for completing this.

as far as support for airdrop claiming ; Most of this information should come from the specific protocol, if they are not clear or people need more information/help they can turn to the support in the Secret network discord and Telegram which are funded to provide help like this.

So in my opinion a committee like this would not be needed. The workload is too low and the several different aspects are better suited under the already existing structure.