[ACCEPTED] SNAC Techpoint Africa Blockchain Summit Sponsorship Proposal

Topic: Techpoint Africa Blockchain Summit Sponsorship Proposal
Proposer: @Thepopeblack
Team Lead: @Brendan

The Techpoint Africa Blockchain Summit is the second edition of an annual event that examines the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem and how Africa can develop and harness the opportunities the technology offers.

Official website: https://techpoint.africa/
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Techpointdotng
Submit Website: https://blockchain.techpoint.africa/
Ticket Website: https://eventprime.co/e/techpoint-africa-blockchain-summit

Attend - Grab a ticket to the conference & infiltrate the community.


  • The VIP ticket gives access to the VIP room, lunch with speakers, and reserved seats at the event
  • Have Conversation with Speakers at lunch and after the Submit to discuss about Secret Network
  • Infiltrate the Audience and Discuss about Agent program; opportunities to Learn and Earn
  • Connect with Students at the Submit, discuss the plans to Have Agents at every Universities in Nigeria and Meets up in Key Universities.
  • Discuss with TABS Web3 Hackathon community about Secret Ecosystem and Why they should Build on it and Have access to Grants.
  • Create more awareness about Secret Network
  • Learn and Sitrep :shushing_face:
  • Have Fun :laughing:

Performance Indicators

  • Agent Coordinator Nigeria/Africa
  • Represent Secret Network in Blockchain University of Nigeria
  • 5 AMA session ( 3 Active Telegram Communities) (2 Twitter space)
  • Weekly Meeting with Nigeria Community in the Discord Server
  • Connect with Agents and onboarded lots of Agents

Budget Request

  • VIP Ticket: $60
    The VIP ticket gives access to the VIP room, lunch with speakers, and reserved seats at the event
  • Logistics:
    Flight - Round Trip $250
    Hotel Accommodation (2 nights) - $85
    Transportation Rides(Lagos) - $50
    Other expenses - $50

Total $495


@Thepopeblack continues to drive Secret adoption in Africa!

Thanks for putting together this fully budgeted request for us, this is a great example for other Agents to copy when requesting funds for conferencing. :slight_smile:

For those not aware Pope is appearing in a Twitter space in Pidgin tomorrow, discussing privacy in blockchain. https://twitter.com/kristaspace1

Fully support this SNAC.


Good job @Thepopeblack, I love the goals outlined and how zealous you’re to the course of creating awareness about the first privacy Blockchain. @Brendan I’ll also like to attend the conference to help out in the growth of Secret Network… Kindly grant my request.



@Thepopeblack I love the spirit Sir, I will not fail to come if this proposal gets approved. Techpoint Africa Blockchain Submit will be another amazing way to reach out to the Nigerian community in the western region of the country, and it’s holding in the most populated state in Nigeria.
@Brendan I would certainly love to be there.

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I really like the time you took to write out a SNAC for this even though the goal and budget is relatively small. This clearly shows what kind of initiatives the SF and possibly Awareness are funding and what kind of budget that requires, good call.

@Wesleyjordan and @JeremySchipper if this turns out to be a good way of requesting funding for these events i would be in favor of doing the same thing for the IGC. I heard its sometimes difficult for you guys to keep tabs on all the events and agents going to them and this way of funding/discussion might lead to better budgeting, support with necessary resources and clear set KPIs.


The goal was to be a speaker and have Secret sponsor the Submit.
We would achieve greater goal if the Submit is Sponsored by SF. Due to the time constraint for SNAC proposal and Approval; The submit must have ended.

I’m looking forward to being a Speaker at 2023 Submit and have secret be one of the Official Sponsor. We have other upcoming events in Africa and Nigeria, I will submit SNAC Proposals for this upcoming events and the impacts it will have on SN. Secret adoption in Nigeria/Africa is growing.


Awesome @Thepopeblack. We fully support.

@tor @Patrick We wanted to set the precedent and process up for making this kind of thing a SNAC. We can discuss funding source, but we fully support this effort.


Hi Thepopeblack, (again)

Your proposal is accepted, this particular proposal will be funded from the awareness committee budget due to the low ask (SNAC would be unnecessary slow). Brendan is aware and you can reach out to Brendan to discuss the transfer of funds.

In general, a discussion on how to streamline this process for small asks, especially related to conferences, will be held to determine how people can request these sorts of funds in the future.

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