[ACCEPTED} SNAC Proposal : Coordinated resourcing amongst NFT communities

SNAC Grant

Purpose: Spread organic real-world engagement for Secret Network and Secret Network NFTs through coordinated resourcing which includes targeted events, place specific initiatives, and networking with key merchandising partners.

Perceived Need: The cryptosphere and NFT world is saturated with projects and hype. Currently we have a lot of engagement in our existing communities primarily through online platforms like Discord and Telegram. What we need is better cross-over into real world communities and approachable ways to engage new users not versed in Web3 and crypto platforms, while providing community building opportunities for existing and newly formed Secret Network NFT communities.

Qualifications: As a community driven contributor, I act as a Mod for the Redacted Club and Stashh teams. I also contribute to the Secret Network as a Validator and a trusted community escrow. I’ve been with Secret Network since the Enigma days and have more recently taken a direct approach towards growing the network and community. I work as a Project Director for an established public facing organization managing multi-year projects with $100k-million dollar grants. I coordinate with key stake-holders across a wide range of interests.


  • Create real world engagement opportunities that serve two purposes. (1) to onboard non-tech, non-crypto users through approachable experiences and (2) provide real world hype and engagement for existing users to see how Secret Network and Secret NFT’s are represented in real life.
  • Build community in Secret Network and Secret NFT’s through hosted real world and virtual events driving value to being a community member. Help onboard other crypto network users to Secret through exposure in social events.
  • Create hype and community pride through real tangible merchandise that is unique and supportive of small and medium sized businesses. This serves two purposes (1) to provide a clear and vetted resource list for unique and hype-building merchandise as requested by the community and (2) to onboard small and medium sized artist and artisans to Secret Network as a retail opportunity to grow their brand in the metaverse while creating new avenues of growth for Secret Network.

Deliverables and Timeline:

Phase 1: Research needs across Secret Network NFT communities and Secret Network. Engage key community leaders to understand priorities and pinpoint overlapping initiatives.


  • Organize calls with key community and project leads to compile needs and initiatives. Identify common and unique needs.
  • Publish a written report to Secret Foundation (and the community if desired) on key and overlapping community building initiatives across private communities. Provide rough timelines for key initiatives and action steps.
  • Publish a resource guide that includes researched options for virtual and real world events, key points of contact, and create a list of providers for custom merchandise that supports small businesses and can serve the specific needs of our community.

Ask: 500 scrt – Timeline : 4 weeks

Phase 2: Research real world engagement opportunities that provide hype and excitement amongst the Secret Network Community while opening up opportunities for non-tech communities to engage and inquire about the specific features of Secret Network, blockchain, and Secret NFTs. Ie. Pop-up NFT stores in key markets, Public Murals for Secret Network and Secret NFTs in high-engagement spaces.

Create retail relationships with manufacturers for high quality custom merchandise. Provide Secret Network communities with an easy and direct line for sourcing their community merchandise.


  • Identify, research, and present 1-2 real world engagement opportunities in high impact locals. Provide a cost/benefit analysis of proposed project and funding need.
  • Identify key team members to execute initiatives in Phase 3 from the Secret Network community and real world partners.
  • Create a merchandising resource for all Secret Network Communities of high-quality artist and artisans. Establish relationships with the providers to act as a sourcing resource so that communities don’t need to start from scratch.
    • Make ordering and logistics with manufacturers easy for users and Secret communities
    • Begin developing custom user interface or website for connecting communities to manufactures

Ask: 1.3k scrt – Timeline 8 weeks

Phase 3: Fundraise and execute a real-world engagement opportunity selected by the community from researched list in Phase 2. Fundraise and execute a real-world event for Secret Network that builds hype and greater community involvement.


  • Execute selected engagement opportunity .
    • Build a team both in-network and public partners
    • Fundraise based on cost/benefit published in Phase 2
    • Follow-up with a reported impact statement to the Foundation and the community (Post event, 1 month, 3 month)
  • Host real-world event for Secret Network community selected by community
    • Build a team both in-network and public partners
    • Fundraise based on cost/benefit published in Phase 2
    • Follow-up with a reported impact statement to the Foundation and the community (Post event, 1 month, 3 month)

Ask: 3k sscrt plus team fund needs based on Phase 2 research – Timeline 16 weeks

This initial SNAC proposal is asking for approval of funding for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this 3-Phase proposal. Completion of Phase 1 would trigger funding for Phase 2 without an additional SNAC needing to be approved. Successful completion of Phase 2 would then require an approval or additional SNAC vote to fund Phase 3 for implementation.

Thank you for your time in reviewing: Jamama


Redacted Club is in favor of this SNAC (with the particulars to be ironed out) and is open to spearheading some of the initial talks/initiatives alongside Jamama.


It sounds interesting. I’d like it discussed on a governance call. Cc @pmuecke

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This Wednesday is already quite full agenda wise (the first monthly meeting), but if there’s time left we can definitely talk about it. Otherwise the Feb 2 call still has an open agenda :slight_smile:

This SNAC might be more suitable for Awareness though?


Thanks for considering my SNAC proposal! I’m open to presenting or discussing more to whichever committee seems most reasonable. Its a dual-fold initiative of Awareness and Community building, unifying, and strengthening; particularly in the Secret NFT realm.


Love the proposal. Where would you propose hosting this event? My concern is that if we’re sliding into a bear market 3k SCRT might not be enough at current prices. Some venues can be pricey and then you would need to factor on any other vendors that we might want there.


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Hey thanks for the support and the question. To answer: The way I laid out the proposal is that this SNAC grant would only fund Phase 1 and 2. I would reapply once Phase 1 and 2 are complete for funding for Phase 3. With the key deliverables in Phase 1 and 2 providing the community data to present a more thorough proposal for Phase 3.

I set it up this way because Phase 1 and 2 are primarily research and identification phases seeking to unify some of the engagement efforts across disparate Secret NFT communities. Through identifying and coordinating Secret NFT private communities we can synergize individual efforts to have an out-sized effect without needing more individual resources.

I just put a ballpark figure for Phase 3 implementation to symbolize that it would be full-time in nature for several months to organize, fundraise, and execute. So the 3k funding ask for Phase 3 does not include the direct costs of the event itself but does include the backend cost of organizing, coordinating, and fundraising. As far as the specific event and IRL engagement opportunities that would all depend on the data from community research of Phase 1 and 2; answering the question “what do people want?”

But to not leave you just at that, some ideas in the works for IRL engagement and event opportunities are Secret NFT public murals in street-art strong communities, Secret NFT pop-up shops in key cities, and both in-person and virtual meetups. Maybe we can help coordinate an Anon hosted QT watch event with their newly acquired QT NFT? IRL events would satisfy (2) major points; One, to provide much needed real world hype and engagement for our existing Secret Network community and Two, help onboard and increase hype for those outside our network including the non-tech savy.

I hope that helps

  • Jamama
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hey everyone!

i’m very interested in helping with this. i’ve been growing my twitter account and engaging with the nft and crypto communities daily for the past 6 months, host twitter spaces, and have lots of additional experience :slight_smile


Thanks for the follow up explanation! All of that makes sense!

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I like the sentiment of the SNAC, but I’m kind of skeptical. How would you ensure that opportunities are presented to all collections? I feel like this would better reside within one community or as a consulting service.


I would love if you could collaborate with Patrik lidin (from IBC nfts) to work on phase 1 and phase 2. Its a nice platform on which many of these goals can be achieved!

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Yeah thanks for the input Ranger, I agree it’ll be hard to ensure that opportunities are presented to all collections but now and in the future. One of the outcomes in Phase 1 and 2 is creating a public living document/interface where the information could live and communities can query as they build and engage. The other side of it is just on the ground outreach and engagement with the communities/community leaders/or devs. I know many of the NFT projects that have launched either don’t have a community or are still in the infancy of building one so a portion of the efforts will also be to resource them with the tools to do community building, proof of ownership bots/platform optimizations for private chats. Lots of this information is known but siloed away. So one of the hopes is to both bring together that info for existing and future communities. I do think not everything needs to be shared, but I’m hoping to resource the smaller collections and communities while we’re in the early stages of growing Secret NFT’s. I definitely will consider the idea of working with particular collections like I currently do with RC and Anons, but I thought I’d try my hand at seeing if we could do something on a community scale and boost Secret NFT’s as a community in public facing events or initiatives.


  • Jamama
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Yeah that’s a great Idea! We’re both Mods at RC. I definitely think whether or not the SNAC gets funded we can do some collaboration on different initiatives. I’ve been enjoying all the content he’s been putting out.

  • Jamama
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The SNAC proposal was accepted on a phase-by-phase basis.


I think you can use nft and in this way - after each completed task you learn more about the project - therefore you have more points, so to encourage people to study the project, you can introduce a system of nft fragments, parts of which will be given after reaching a certain number of points - for example 100, 500, 1000 points, etc.

What’s the current state of this SNAC if you’re able/comfortable with providing an update @jamama2354 ?

Yup! Thanks for the follow up!

Updates are as follows

  • Market research survey went out last month and received lots of responses from both core team and community members.
  • Final write-up for Phase 1 is almost done for submission to Foundation.

Thats a cool idea that could be expanded up!

Following up on your research. When can we expect to read the phase 1 report being presented to the Secret Foundation. I’m interested in learning NFT community leaders priorities from phase 1 research.

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