A 12-month on-chain fund for Terra projects

I think it’s fine to have KPI‘s like you suggested it’s a good idea. But you also brought up the possibility of extending it and this proposal is for a fixed period of time, discussions around a longer period would have to be a new proposal. Reading my comment and the part that I quote you on it’s very clear that is specifically what I was talking about.

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Since there seems to mostly be support for this proposal, we’re going to go ahead and write the contract required for the upgrade + post a proposal this week.

Stay tuned


Hi everyone! DrCle4n here, or some may know me as Cle4ncuts.

I’m from the Y-Foundry Project that was building on Terra classic: https://twitter.com/YFoundryDAO

Been a Secret fanatic since March, and would definitely love to bring our project closer to the privacy-first chain of the Cosmos ecosystem.

We’re building the first autonomous vault foundry in Cosmos that will give people access to complex investment strategies at the click of a button. Users will also be able to launch their own vaults and earn the majority of the fees.

Our development is going to be fast and furious so, we’re looking for a place to land with plans to launch before the end of this year. Looking forward to connect with the SCRT community! <3


Hey DrCle4n! We talked over discord about establishing a line of communication to discuss a potential partnership. Commenting here so others see you have not been left hanging and that we will be in further contact soon. Thanks!


I completely agree (KPIs should be set), specially after requesting clear KPI’s to the developer committee Q2 funding in proposal #97 which was heavily critisized.

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