0 SEFI balance? Despite i have been staking for one year

AFAIK all SCRT stakers would have the possibility to claim SEFI based on how many SCRT they were staking during the snapshot.
Well i have been staking a lot (thousands) of SCRT since one year ago and never unstaked, and the snapshot happened this year.

So why do i have 0 SEFI?
My SCRT address is secret14gr86esx6a4v0lsqfzt253aes3f7npwjf9xwty

Thank you

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Because you have to claim your genesis drop, protocol is not paying the gas fee for the claim.

app.secretswap.io, top right

This is what i see

It says 0 balance, so if i claim i think i’m going to Claim 0, right?
Also, i already have SEFI in my Token List on Keplr, and it has 0 balance on there too

Sorry, i clicked on CLAIM and then it showed my reward to be claimed. That 0 balance and that Claim button next to it, just confused me , it looked like i had to claim 0


although i am not as rich as my question predecessor, i had a similar problem…
after 2 years happily staking with one of my best life investments (200 dollars got x 7- yippy !)i discovered this airdrop event.
i logged with keplr into http://app.secretswap.io/ and i could see my balance.

but pressing on the SEFI button i only get a textinfo. what did i miss?

thanks in advance

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Yup - same here. Help Secret!